The Process
-Window & Door Installation-

Window Crafters is Southern California's premiere window and door installation specialists. Here is the process for our clientele.

The Process

- We work closely with Dealers, Contractors, and Homeowners in the early stages of the construction process. We collaborate with contractors to establish a “benchmark” throughout the project to insure that all finishing details tie into our window and door systems as planned – finish floor, head alignment, and trim work.

- Once Window Crafters has insured that the product has been properly measured, the contractor or homeowner will then order the product from a retailer of their preference.

- One week prior to delivery, Window Crafters will confirm that all the rough opening have been framed to proper sizes.

- The day of delivery we will unload and inspect all product for any defects. If in fact there is any flaws found, we immediately notify the dealer and reject the product.

- Once product has been inspected, we will stage it in a secure location to insure no damage occurs.

- As one of the processes, Window Crafters offers a variety of flashing systems depending on your type of project. We build custom sheet metal still pan and flash opening as spec’d per the architect.

- Once all units have been installed and checked for proper operation we will walk the project with the contractor to insure that everything is to their liking.

- When the project has been fully completed, Window Crafters will return to install all hardware and screens as well as to fine tune and adjust.